I’m facing up to it

I do not usually get excited about new beauty products, well that’s not strictly true, when I was in my teens and 20’s I u41570m_lsed Anne French cleansing milk. It had a lovely fresh, milky scent and removed a satisfying amount of make up and grime from my face. A few months ago, feeling disillusioned with expensive cleansers and foaming face washes, I was scanning the shelves in Boots when I came across some Anne French cleanser in its distinctive blue and white bottle, happy days.

What I am excited about at the moment however, is the Body Shops new face oil called ‘Oil of Life.’ it contains some of my favourites Olive, Jojoba and chamomile oils, Black Cumin seeds, Rose hip and Nigella seeds, Geranium. Oregano, Orange and lavender essential oils. The texture is light, and the oil smells wonderful, best of all I have noticed a difference, I have been using the oil for about a month and although I still have my full complement of wrinkles my skin looks plumper and healthier. When people say that you look well or ask if you have been on holiday then you know that you are doing something right.
The oil is quite expensive at ยฃ28, but you only need a few drops applied under your regular moisturiser, so a bottle will last for ages.

I definitely will carry on using it, that and my Anne French cleanser of course!