Blog and Blend

I don’t know about you, but I hit the ground running in January, in a good way, but it has been busy and here I am nearing the end of the month tired and doing all I can not to pick up a cold or cough. I thought I would share my seasonal blend with you, it seems to be working on lots of different levels. I not only want a blend that smells fantastic, but something that will boost my immune system, give me lots of energy, make me feel happy even in the cold and rain,iStock_000006139156_Small be grounding and strengthening to my system and balancing for my mind and mood.

So what on earth is going to do all that? My January jolly juice is as follows;



2 drops of Pachouli

2 drops of Lime

2 drops of Geranium

Use these oils in 2 tablespoons of base oil, such as sweet Almond oil, as a chest and throat rub, or in an oil burner with water to fill the room with an immune boosting, and strengthening fragrance. I am even using this delicious blend as a perfume that is both grounding and energising, dab it on to the pressure points in the middle of each wrist and smell it when ever you need to, perfect.

Be aware however that  Pachouli is a strong fragrance so be careful how much you use if you do not want to smell like an old hippy! If you can not abide the smell then substitute Sandalwood instead. Lime can be irritating to sensitive skin and may be photo toxic so do not leave on your skin in direct sunlight.