Here I amiStock_000006139156_Small on a frosty morning and once again I am reaching for the Benzoin, and that is not surprising as it is one of the go to Essential Oils of the season. Rich and resinous,  Benzoin is extracted from a large tropical tree, it has to be tapped to release its resin. The resin has been used for centuries in the far east as incense and as medicine for respiratory conditions. It still remains the main ingredient in Friars Balsam, a warming chest rub.

This thick, sweet oil restores depleted energy, I use it for any respiratory problem, colds, catarrh,coughs, hoarseness or loss of voice .It is great for relieving latheragy, over thinking and worry, nervous tension and exhaustion, and there is plenty of that around at the moment! I also use Benzoin  to help to steady my mind in meditation.

I love this positive oil for its warmth and energy and one of my favorite ways to use it is with ginger and Clary Sage as follows;

Benzoin 4 drops, Ginger 4 drops, Clary Sage 2 drops in 2 tablespoons of base oil, such as Sweet Almond oil or vegetable oil. 

This blend is fantastic to  boost the immune system and ground the mind.So  if you haven’t already got some, you can always ask Santa!