Blog and Blend


Lotus Blossom Textured Background  A few months ago my lovely friend Shelley was giving me a reflexology treatment, Shelley did a reflexology course with me a while back and is now a qualified and practising Reflexologist. As I relaxed in her treatment room we were discussing Aromatherapy and Essential Oil blends and Shelley said that it would be fantastic if I could share some of my knowledge and enthusiasm for oils with others like her who would love to use them more. I thought, it’s time to BLOG AND BLEND,’ so here we go….

I am seeing a lot of people at the moment in my practice with lingering colds and chest congestion, these are the oils I would recommend;

2 drops of Eucalyptus

2 drops of Ginger

2 drops of Lavender.

Use these oils in 2 tablespoons of base oil, such as sweet Almond oil, as a chest and throat rub, in a bowl of hot water as an inhalation to clear the sinuses and chest, or in an oil burner with water to fill the room with an immune boosting, antiviral fragrance.

Be aware however that Eucalyptus should not be used with homoeopathic remedies and Ginger should not be used on children under 10.

and breathe…..