• My Mind Mo’s

    I am running a mindfulness workshop this weekend and some of the things I talk about are that mindfulness teaches us to wake up and pay attention, consciously being aware of the present moment. I am trying to put this in to practice by finding daily mindful moments some of these I will be sharing Continue reading »

  • Saturdays in Spring

    As Spring starts to slowly unfurl, why not learn something new?  I am running the following workshops over the next few months. Mindfulness Workshop Mindfulness is a simple powerful way of training our attention, it is about becoming aware & present in the here & now. Mindfulness can be used to combat stress, improve sleep Continue reading »


    Here I am on a frosty morning and once again I am reaching for the Benzoin, and that is not surprising as it is one of the go to Essential Oils of the season. Rich and resinous,  Benzoin is extracted from a large tropical tree, it has to be tapped to release its resin. The Continue reading »


    A new term has started and I am enjoying teaching two new meditation classes. I was walking back from college the other  evening, it was still light,the air was warm, the blossom and magnolia trees looked lovely, and I was thinking about all the reasons I should be more mindful more often. There are so many positive Continue reading »

  • Blog and Blend

    I don’t know about you, but I hit the ground running in January, in a good way, but it has been busy and here I am nearing the end of the month tired and doing all I can not to pick up a cold or cough. I thought I would share my seasonal blend with Continue reading »

  • The Currant Bun

    Last week I was in a coffee shop in Kingston, I was sheltering from a sudden downpour and bracing myself for some Christmas shopping. I was mentally juggling tick lists and working out how I was going to get everything done when I noticed that my currant bun only had one currant in it. I Continue reading »

  • I’m facing up to it

    I do not usually get excited about new beauty products, well that’s not strictly true, when I was in my teens and 20’s I used Anne French cleansing milk. It had a lovely fresh, milky scent and removed a satisfying amount of make up and grime from my face. A few months ago, feeling disillusioned Continue reading »

  • Why learn more about Aromatherapy?

        Essential oils smell fantastic, they resonate with us physically, mentally and energetically,want more? I am running a workshop AN INTRODUCTION TO AROMATHERAPY, on 5th December 2015 at Esher College, Thames Ditton, Surrey. Essential oils are extracted from plants, flowers and trees, they have powerful therapeutic properties. To find out what they are, why they Continue reading »

  • Blog and Blend

        A few months ago my lovely friend Shelley was giving me a reflexology treatment, Shelley did a reflexology course with me a while back and is now a qualified and practising Reflexologist. As I relaxed in her treatment room we were discussing Aromatherapy and Essential Oil blends and Shelley said that it would be Continue reading »