Plant/part : Tree /peel (source: italy)

Latin name : Citrus bergamia

Family : Rutaceae

Note : Top

Extraction : Expression

Aroma: Lovely light citrus aroma

Properties: This light, fruity citrus oil is uplifting, antiseptic, and relaxing. Relaxes and refreshes and is good for confidence building. Uplifts the spirit and emotions with its fresh and invigorating citrus fragrance. Useful for caring for oily and blemished skin. Use in vaporiser to disperse unpleasant odours. It is familiar to many as the flavouring in earl grey tea.
Also works well on the digestive tract and relieves conditions such as painful digestion, dyspepsia, flatulence, colic, indigestion and loss of appetite. An excellent intestinal antiseptic, casts out intestinal parasites and diminishes gall stones apparently. May be useful to anorexia sufferers by regulating appetite. Also helpful with infections of the respiratory system which may include breathing difficulties as well as tonsillitis, bronchitis and tuberculosis. Often effective on cold sores, chicken pox and shingles. Could have a tonic action on the uterus and was once used to heal sexually transmitted diseases. Excellent insect repellent and keeps pets away from plants.
Skin type: oily, blemished, normal to combination.

Chemical constituents: Linalyl, acetate, linalol, sequiterpenes, terpenes, furocoumarins.

Precautions: Do not apply to skin or use in bath prior to exposure to the sun – it can increase the susceptibility of the skin to severe burning. / a bergapten free bergamot is available which reduces the susceptibility to photosensitising. Safety information: photo toxic

Blends : Blends well with: chamomile, coriander, cypress, geranium, juniper, lavender, lemon, neroli, ylang ylang .