Plant/part: Herb/leaves and flowering tops (source: japan and usa)

Latin name: Mentha piperita

Family: Lamiaceae (labiatae)

Note: Top

Extraction: Distillation

Aroma: Strong piercing, sharp, menthol fragrance.

Properties: Peppermint is an energising oil with a penetrating, minty aroma. It helps to relieve fatigue and muscle pain. Use it in the daytime, as its energising effect may keep you awake at night. Add to a massage blend for the digestive system. Excellent for refreshing tired head and feet. Sniff from bottle or one drop on handkerchief to revive during travel.
Has a dual action – cooling when hot and warming when cold. This makes it a good remedy for colds by halting mucous and fevers and encouraging perspiration. Useful in respiratory disorders generally as well as dry coughs and sinus congestion. Reputedly has an effect on asthma, bronchitis, cholera, pneumonia and tuberculosis, and some relief may also be gained from rheumatism, neuralgia and muscular aches. Especially good at relaxing stomach muscles and dealing with intestinal problems.

Chemical constituents: Menthol, carvone, cineol, limonene, menthone, pinene, thymol.

Precautions: Care be taken with dosage. Probably best use is in infusers rather than massage though might be okay in local areas. It is likely to irritate the skin and mucous membranes however, and certainly should be kept well away from the eyes. Best avoided in pregnancy and by nursing mothers since could discourage flow of milk. May antidote homeopathic remedies

Blends: Orange, chamomile, lavender, sandalwood.