Plant/part: Flower/leaves (source : france and egypt)

Latin name: Viola odorata

Family: Violaceae

Note: Middle to base

Extraction: Enfleurage

Aroma: Dry, sweet and somewhat hay-like.

Properties: Violet has an affinity with the kidneys and tends to exert a purging effect on urine, therefore helpful with cystitis particularly where there is a sharp pain in the lower back. May also help to disperse general congestion in the body and has mild laxative properties. Will also induce vomiting. Often acts as a liver decongestant and could be helpful with jaundice, as well as clearing hangovers! Allegedly a strong aphrodisiac, beneficial to sexual problems, reputedly restoring libido. Possibly of assistance to menopausal symptoms such as irritability and hot flushes. Also said to have some pain killing properties and may ease rheumatism, fibrosis and gout.

Chemical constituents: Salicylic (acid), benzyl (alcohol), parmone (ketone), eugenol (phenol).

Precautions: Unknown.

Blends: Benzoin, citronella, frankincense, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, lemon, orange, sandalwood, and rose.