The Currant Bun

Last week I w6a00e5519426828833014e881d352e970das in a coffee shop in Kingston, I was sheltering from a sudden downpour and bracing myself for some Christmas shopping. I was mentally juggling tick lists and working out how I was going to get everything done when I noticed that my currant bun only had one currant in it. I was disappointed and vaguely amused and as I contemplated the lonely currant it occurred to me that I could spend a bit of time being present, in the here and now, and not worrying about all the things I had to do and rushing around to do them.

I sat and watched the rain streaming down the outside of the window, inhaled the smell of rich, steaming coffee, bit in to my toasted bun, oozing with butter, and enjoyed the low hum of the people around me. I was no longer in a hurry, I allowed my mind to settle and focus on the present.

A mindful moment with a bun and the currant.