Treatment List

Treatment Price Time
Aromatherapy £47 1 Hour
Back, Neck and Shoulder massage £40 45 Mins
Reflexology £40 45 Mins
Ultimate aromatherapy / Reflexology Experience £69 1 1/2 Hours
Ultimate aromatherapy / Reflexology Experience £90 2 Hours
Indian Head Massage £40 45 Mins
Reiki £40 45 Mins
Energy £40 45 Mins
La Stone Therapy £57 1 Hour 15 Mins
Space clearing / Fengshui £150


Individual essential oils are blended depending on your own personal needs. The oil blend is then used for a relaxing and balancing massage that concentrates on areas of tension.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Deep tissue massage to help unlock muscle tension in the back and shoulders.


A treatment that stimulates pressure points on the feet to balance and heal the body and mind.

The Ultimate Aromatherapy and Reflexology Experience

A totally relaxing and therapeutic treatment that combines both techniques to leave you feeling balanced and centred.

Indian Head Massage

A stimulating head and shoulder massage using a vigorous but relaxing technique that is particularly beneficial for fatigue, stress and tension headaches.


A healing and calming treatment that involves the transfer of healing energy to various energy centres in the body to bring about a state of balance and calm.


An invigorating leg and foot massage using Thai Massage techniques and pressure points, followed by a relaxing head massage. This treatment is particularly good for poor circulation, tired legs and feet, fatique and stress. A combination of citrus and coconut oils are used for this massage.

Mums to Be

Pre and Post pregnancy Reflexology and Massage to relax you and ease the aches and pains of pregnancy. Later in pregnancy, reflexology can help to prepare you and your baby for the birth. After you have had your baby, massage can help the body to return to its pre pregnancy state and enable you to feel calm and relaxed.

La Stone Therapy

A deeply relaxing treatment using hot basalt stones and cold marble stones that will boost your immune system, detoxify your system, work deeply on tissue and muscle. The experience is energetically balancing, calming and focusing for the mind. Stones are placed on the body and are used in a gentle massage. Essential oils and energy centring techniques are also combined to make this a wonderful and holistic treatment (1 ½ hours) Helen Jarvis is a qualified LaStone Practitioner.

Feng Shui House Clearing

Space clearing creates a sacred and balanced space in your home. Feng Shui principles state that your home environment reflects and affects your inner self, your harmony, happiness and success. By balancing and cleansing the energies in your home, you can bring balance to your life. This process of cleansing takes place by performing energy clearing and balances rituals in your home, An initial consultation will be followed by a space clearing ceremony, a follow session may also be required.